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Compare the best deals on UK breakdown cover

With Breakdown Cover Comparison you can compare the latest offers on UK breakdown cover from a range of providers. We feature deals from some of the leading names in the industry, as well as a number of smaller recovery specialists, so you’ve got plenty of choice.

We’re dedicated to helping you find the ideal cover for a great price, so we make it easy for you to browse the offers and find out exactly what you’ll get from a policy. We also provide quick links so you can get set up directly with your chosen provider.

Personal or vehicle cover?

With UK breakdown cover you’ll usually have the option of personal or vehicle. With personal you’ll be covering yourself in any car, whereas vehicle covers the car itself no matter the driver.

Personal cover is often a little more expensive, because you’re taking the cover with you into every vehicle; you don’t even need to be the driver at the time of the vehicle’s breakdown.

Types & levels of breakdown cover

Whilst each provider might have their own terminology or method of choosing cover, it can generally be broken down into the following:

Roadside assistance – The most basic type of cover offers a roadside fix, and if this fails then there’ll be a tow to within a certain distance.

National recovery – Taking this cover extends roadside assistance so that the tow is offered to any UK destination. It means that you can get to a garage of your choice, or just get home, but it would only be one destination per breakdown.

Home start – Breakdown cover rarely includes assistance and recovery close to, or outside of, your home. In order to get this extra peace of mind then you’d need to take home start, or whatever your chosen provider calls their equivalent.

Onward travel – This extra level of cover can vary in terms of specifics, but it often involves getting you to your preferred destination, should a fix prove impossible at the roadside. Sometimes it includes a hire car or costs towards an overnight stay in a hotel.

European cover – This can sometimes be added as an extra to your UK breakdown cover, or it might be a completely separate policy, and it will cover you in a number of European destinations.

The cost of UK breakdown cover

The best thing about being able to compare breakdown cover providers is the clear information on price. You’ll see the latest introductory offers for new customers, and have an idea about whether a pricier policy might actually prove better value for money.

There’s no single answer regarding the cost of breakdown cover, but more often than not you’ll pay more for something that represents a higher level of recovery and assistance.

The quotes are often personalised, so when you see advertised prices for a type of cover, those prices will usually be the minimum.

UK breakdown cover providers

There’s no shortage of breakdown cover providers in the UK, with some operating their own branded fleet, whilst others utilise a network of recovery specialists.

When a provider uses a network it’s still the same process, where you get in touch to notify them of a vehicle breakdown and then wait for assistance or recovery. You should be able to get an idea of average call-out times from a provider, although you’ll always be told that there’s no guarantee.

Check out the different prices and levels of cover, and see which provider offers the best value, as well as a great service.

How to find the best UK breakdown cover deal

You can always go to each individual provider’s website and see the different prices that way, or you can use a comparison website. Comparison websites like ours will feature loads of deals and prices, but you won’t necessarily see every possible provider of UK breakdown cover.

It’s common for providers in various industries to keep themselves off comparison sites, whilst others may only appear exclusively on ones they’ve selected. We will always aim to show you a fair, impartial selection of results so you can make an informed decision about your cover, and these results are based on providers we can display. We are also paid commission on breakdown cover that is bought through our site, but this does not increase the cost of the cover.