European Breakdown Cover

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Compare European Breakdown Cover

When taking your car abroad, you can keep yourself covered against a vehicle breakdown with European roadside assistance. Most providers offer European breakdown cover, and whilst each policy and price can differ, you know that taking it out will give you valuable peace of mind on your travels.

Your UK breakdown cover is unlikely to automatically extend to European mainland countries, or other places within the EU.  The policy only covers your breakdown on the roads of the UK, and at home if you have Home Start. This is fine for people who don’t take their car abroad, but others who go on driving holidays or work around Europe and take their vehicle still stand the risk of experiencing a breakdown, without any immediate aid.

When your car fails abroad, you are left with a tricky and potentially expensive situation.  You could be in an unfamiliar location, and have to locate the nearest garage for assistance and a tow, and this can come at a high cost, just as it could in this country.  Calling for emergency roadside assistance is not cheap, and that’s why so many opt for the reliable and cost-effective back-up for breakdown cover.

If you have European breakdown cover in place, then the provider will have options in place to provide you with valuable assistance at the roadside of a number of European countries.  The exact elements of the cover vary, as does the cost, depending on your provider, but each one should make the details clear, and you can decide which one you thinks represents the best value.  Usually the cover will be available as single, for short-term travel, or multi-trip, for repeat journeys abroad, and there are various benefits.

Many providers offer an attempted roadside fix and tow to the nearest garage, should the immediate fix prove impossible, and it may include cover for additional costs, such as emergency accommodation.

When searching for the best deal on European breakdown cover, you can compare prices and offers with Breakdown Cover Comparison.  The simple, effective search tools make it easy for you to see accurate, up to date information presented in a clear and concise format, so you can make an assured, confident decision about your provider and European breakdown policy.