Driving Advice For All Seasons

Driving Advice For All Seasons

Driving In Winter

Driving in the winter can be much more dangerous than in the summer, so make sure you don’t get stuck out in the cold and make all the necessary checks to your vehicle before setting off on your journey -

  • Antifreeze stops the water in your car freezing, and having a 50/50 mixture with water will give your engine maximum protection down to temperatures of around -30° c.
  • Air conditioning helps to demist your car, and will improve your vision.
  • Make use a scraper or de-icer to get snow and ice off all of the windows and the windscreen.
  • Clear snow from your roof, as it can slide down the windscreen and obstruct your view.  It could also fall into the path of traffic trailing you.
  • Ensure your headlight bulbs are up to scratch, and if you think they need replacing then don’t put it off.  Don’t forget to clear your lights when it snows.
  • Getting up earlier gives you more time to prepare the car and do some checks.
  • Remember that your stopping distance increases ten-fold in ice and snow.
  • Apply your brakes carefully and gently, and give yourself time to do so.

Driving in Summer

Although the summer is a much more pleasant time to drive, it still comes with its own problems, so you should plan for hot journeys just as much as cold one-

  • Check the oil regularly to reduce risk of a breakdown.
  • Keep your coolant levels topped up to avoid overheating.
  • On day trips, keep the car keys in a safe and secure place, as losing them could result in an expensive callout fee.
  • Tyres may be at risk in hotter conditions, as the temperature can accelerate wear and damage from under-inflation, so check the pressure levels regularly.
  • Have a pair of good sunglasses handy to reduce glare from the sun.
  • Keep your windscreen clean inside and out, as otherwise your vision may be hindered.

If you remember all of this, then it should make for a much safer journey.  And don’t forget to get your breakdown cover before it's too late, we don't want you sat on the side of the road freezing, or missing your day at the beach.