Is Breakdown Cover Worth Paying For?

Is Breakdown Cover Worth Paying For?

As more and more Brits turn to a spot of belt-tightening, many insurances and services are being cancelled through a lack of awareness as to what the cover actually, well, covers.

But before you cancel your policy, make sure you look into the cost-effectiveness of breakdown cover, because paying a garage callout fee just once will probably cost you double the yearly cost of a breakdown policy.  We have put together some statistics to show you how much a roadside rescue could set you back without cover:

Tow off the motorway - £150 (Highways Agency cost, October 2008)

Average callout charge for a garage - £90 (AA survey of garages nationwide, June 2008)

Average flat battery callout - £66 (AA survey of garages nationwide, June 2008)

Although these statistics can vary, this is a rough idea of breakdown cost without prior cover.  The motorway tow alone is around the same price as Green Flag’s all-inclusive cover which also adds European breakdown.

RAC policies that include nationwide recovery and home start can cost just over £80 for a whole year; that’s £70 less than one motorway tow.

If you chose the AA, and just went with a simple roadside assistance policy, you would be looking at around £30 after online discount.  Alternatively, a callout fee for something minor like a flat battery is more than double that figure, according to the AA’s findings.

So, is breakdown cover worth the money? Paying as much as £80 per year for cover can seem like a lot of money, but with most companies offering 24/7 callouts and around 80% of vehicles being fixed at the roadside, the knowledge that in around 40 minutes someone will be there to help really does give you peace of mind.

Remember to compare all providers and packages to make sure you get the deal that is right for you at a price that you find affordable.