UK breakdown cover providers

UK breakdown cover providers

Green Flag

First started as an alternative to the AA and RAC back in 1971, the 5-star Defaqto rated GreenFlag has grown to become of the UK’s most reliable and highly-regarded breakdown cover providers.

Their main two types of cover are Rescue and Recovery with an upgraded version of each on offer. Neither will charge you for a call-out and they all feature 24/7 roadside assistance, local vehicle recovery and a messaging service so you can let everyone know what’s happened.

Also available is cover for both short and long-term trips to Europe, Business Cover which will equip any size fleet with misfuel cover and provide replacement vehicles if necessary along with Family Cover for you and up to three loved ones.


The RAC have been providing UK motorists with a brilliantly efficient service since 1971 making them one of the UK’s longest-running and most experienced breakdown providers.

Their four breakdown policies place way more emphasis on what’s known as Personal Cover, which is attached to you instead of to a specific vehicle so you’re safe to drive or be a passenger in any other car without having to worry about the cost of potential repair.

Every RAC policy comes with 24/7 roadside rescue included meaning they’ll fix your vehicle up anytime as long as you’re over ¼ mile away from your home while the most expensive two come with free onward travel so you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck anywhere.

GEM Motoring Assist

GEM celebrated an impressive 85 years of service this year after being voted No.1 for Overall Service and Best Value For Money in motoring magazine Auto Express’s 2016 Driver Power Survey.

They offer two breakdown policies, Recovery Extra and Recovery Reclaim, with the latter containing everything you’d expect from a standard policy including 24/7 roadside assistance, far-reaching national recovery, assistance at home and onward travel.

Recovery Reclaim is slightly different as you’ll need to sort out and pay for everything you require in the event of an incident and claim your money back from GEM at a later date. It might sound tricky, but does work out cheaper overall and is excellent if you’ve got a certain garage you prefer to go to.

Leading consumer review site Which? named Start Rescue as their number one recommended breakdown cover provider in 2016 so you can be sure that any type of policy you take out will award you with an outstanding service at a really great value for money.

Five different tiers of policy, simply titled 1 to 5, are available all of which come with more features and a higher price tag the further up the ladder you go. Even the cheapest policy is a pretty comprehensive option however, offering 24/7 roadside assistance, a legal expense policy, local recovery and key replacement.

The fifth level of Start Rescue’s policy automatically comes with ruropean cover included but you can also buy it separately if you’ve gone with a type of different cover for a trip of up to 31 days to receive everything you need to stay completely protected abroad.

QDOS Breakdown

With 75% of breakdowns repaired right at the roadside, no excess or call-out charges on any policy and brilliantly fair prices it’s evident why QDOS have managed to earn their coveted 5-star rating from consumer review site Review Centre.

While all of the usual services like 24/7 roadside assistance, protection against theft, local and national recovery, key replacement and home cover are available, QDOS also offers medical transfer if a driver is taken ill and a much wider selection on who exactly your breakdown policy can benefit.

Along with standard vehicle and personal cover, you’ve got dual vehicle cover so you can have two cars covered under one policy, joint cover which protects two individual people under one policy and a one call discount policy which can save you a considerable amount on insurance premiums. 

Breakdown Assist

They only started selling directly to the public in 2011, but in just six years Breakdown Assist have managed to make a name for themselves as an esteemed provider of breakdown cover.

There are 3 different types of breakdown cover to pick from with Breakdown Assist ranging from local cover, which is ideal for anyone on budget, to Full UK cover and protection against what is essentially every eventuality.

Every policy comes with 24/7 roadside assistance which sees 80% of cars fixed within the hour, local recovery, a message relay service, misfuelling cover and if it’s in your price range, adding on an optional excess could save you up to a staggering 40% on your Breakdown Assist policy.

Founded all the way back in 2000 as an alternative to the more well-known providers in the breakdown cover sector, Rescue My Car offers flexible, competitively priced policies which aim to give you complete peace of mind on the roads whatever your budget.

A big advantage of their policies is the fact you’re able to customize them to suit you. You simply pick whether you’d like vehicle or personal cover and then select whether or not you’d like to add national recovery, european recovery, at home assistance, key cover or garage parts and labour.

Like with QDOS and Breakdown Assist, Rescue My Car also conveniently gives you the option of paying an excess policy in order to help you significantly reduce your insurance premiums and save quite a bit of money.


Having spent over 30 years selling a wide variety of insurance, the independent Insure4breakdown has both the wide experience and the in-depth knowledge necessary to provide a premium level of service at brilliantly competitive prices.

They keep it refreshingly simple by offering two main types of policies, Indigo UK for cars up to ten years old and Indigo UK for cars up to fifteen years old, both of which come with the kind of essential  features you need for complete peace of mind like roadside assist, recovery to a local garage and alternative travel.

Their Violet European cover is available on either single trip or annual basis and is must for anyone who’s planning a trip abroad, providing invaluable 24 hour assistance and a handy messaging service for under £7.00 a month.


With 80% of cars fixed right there at the roadside by their dedicated team of 600 patrols and the support of over 10,000 garages all across the UK, you’ll be back up and running in no time with Motoreasy’s excellent selection of breakdown cover policies. 

All four types of their cover are incredibly comprehensive, including everything from roadside assistance, driver illness cover and key recovery to overnight accommodation or alternative transport if your car requires a bit of further work as standard. 

Every customer is entitled to six callouts a year and you’ll never be charged for any of them or asked to pay an excess on a policy. Helpful reminders will also automatically be sent out when it’s time for an MOT, tax or service. 


Over 1,000 incredibly positive reviews on Feefo, a closed platform which only genuine customers are permitted to access, are a real testament to the premium, reliable quality of Eversure’s four levels of breakdown cover Bronze, Silver, Gold and Europe. 

You’ll find the essentials like roadside assistance, local recovery, onward travel and replacement vehicle hire within every package, while Silver conveniently adds national recovery, Gold home start and Europe full protection abroad. 

Sales are online-only in order to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible but in the event you do need to make claim, Eversure’s line is open 24/7 so they’ll always be a friendly, well-trained member of staff available for you to speak too. 

Allianz Global Assist

More than 35 years of experience in getting vehicles back on the road has awarded Allianz Global Assist plenty of skill in repairs and all of the knowledge required to create a selection of incredibly inclusive breakdown policies. 

Bronze offers the essential basics of 24/7 vehicle repair and recovery while Silver also gives you assistance at home. Their premium Gold cover comes with all of this plus the assurance that you’ll always be able to continue your journey with alternative transport, hire car and overnight accomodation if needed.

Use the free-to-download app to request assistance anywhere in a matter of seconds and although your cover won't start until 24 hours after you've purchased it, assistance is available to buy on-demand so you're never left unprotected.

Emergency Assist

They only started trading in 2017, but Emergency Assist have already managed to make a real name for themselves as an incredibly knowledgeable and reliable provider of breakdown cover who use their independent status to ensure that each customer receives a great value low-cost policy. 

Stay protected for just under £20 a month with Saver Cover or opt for their most popular Premium Cover which includes everything you need for total peace of mind on UK roads like homestart, roadside assistance, national recovery and a variety of onward travel options. 

You’ll always be eligible for cover no matter how old your vehicle is and with their emergency in-house call centre, a well-trained member of staff is always on hand to quickly and efficiently deal with any issues that may arise.