Connected cars to aid road maintenance

By Charlotte Whyatt - Thu 21st Dec 2017
Connected cars to aid road maintenance

A new type of car which can connect up to the internet will play a key role in the future of road maintenance, Highways England have predicted.

Connected vehicles will be able to capture a video of the road they’re driving on and transmit that footage back to be analysed by a careful human eye.

It would greatly assist the government-owned agency in monitoring the general conditions of UK roads by allowing them to detect and fix common issues like potholes a lot faster.

This prediction came in Highways England's recently released Strategic Road Network report which also speculated that drones could be used to carry out similar maintenance tasks.

Chief Executive of Highways England Jim O'Sullivan explained how the operator is delivering “a record £15 billion of government investment” to make the public's journeys safer and much more reliable.

“Because people’s journeys are important to us we are setting out our high-level aspirations which will help ensure the network continues to drive economic growth, jobs and prosperity, and keeps traffic moving today, and into the future,” he added.

Last year, American car manufacturer Ford announced they’re working on connected car technology which will provide information on the best speed to travel at to avoid having to stop at red lights.

Highways England findings will be used to help inform the government’s next road investment strategy starting in 2020.

Source: Highways Industry