Driverless car trials to take place in Milton Keynes

By Charlotte Whyatt - Tue 11th Oct 2016
Driverless car trials to take place in Milton Keynes

The pavements of Milton Keynes are set to play host to the UK’s first public trials of driverless cars. 

It follows similar tests that were recently carried out in the US and Singapore by technology giant Google, taxi service Uber and Grab, Southeast Asia’s equivalent to Uber, to great success.

Leading the project is Transport System Catapult (TSC), a non-for-profit research centre set up by the government, who’ve spent the last eighteen months preparing for these trials. Which involved virtually mapping the whole of Milton Keynes and ensuring that regulations for driverless cars were up to date.

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark stated that "the first public trials of driverless vehicles in our towns is a ground-breaking moment and further evidence that Britain is at the forefront of innovation.”

The cars, smaller than what many of us are used to, were developed here in the UK by the Oxford Robotics Institute and spinout company Oxbotica and operate through a combination of several different cameras and LiDAR detection technology.

Neil Fulton, programme director at the TSC, felt that the project represented a “a major milestone for autonomous vehicles in the UK” and suggested that Oxford’s technology and the LiDAR detection mechanic will be used as the base in many of the UK’s future driverless car trials.

Source: Sky News