Drivers who pass cycle scheme could get cheaper insurance

By Charlotte Whyatt - Mon 10th Dec 2018
Drivers who pass cycle scheme could get cheaper insurance

A new government scheme could see motorists who undertake a cycle training course receive cheaper car insurance. 

The idea is that successful completion of the national Bikeability scheme will give both drivers and motorcyclists a greater awareness of vulnerable road users. 

Officials are currently looking into the proposal which forms part of transport minister Jesse Norman’s recently unveiled plan to boost active travel across the UK.

Other facets of Norman’s plan include encouraging local councils to spend 15% of their budget on improving cycling facilities along with getting courier companies to incentivise drivers to complete any road safety training. 

The government will also appoint a cycling and walking official to help promote policies championing these modes of transport and fund a new system which will allow police to better analyse dashcam footage of driver infractions sent in by the public. 

“Greater road safety – and especially the protection of vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders – is essential. We want to improve air quality, encourage healthy exercise, reduce obesity and boost our high streets and economic productivity,” said Norman.
“That means more support for cycling and walking, and that’s why these new measures are designed to deliver.”

Source: The Guardian