Ford announce new car scrappage scheme

By Charlotte Whyatt - Fri 25th Aug 2017
Ford announce new car scrappage scheme

Ford have announced that they’ll be offering a new scrappage scheme for petrol or diesel cars manufactured before 2010.

Until the end of December 2017, all customers who trade in a vehicle will receive £2000 off a certain few of Ford's brand-new models which range in price from £12,000 up to £20,000.

Fellow manufacturers BMW, Mercedes and Vauxhall have run similar schemes in the past with the latter's ending only last year.

Anyone looking to save even more money should look to combine the scheme with another one of Ford's many offers, as you could net yourself up to £4,000 off a car and £7,000 off a van.

There are no real stipulations to the scheme, any make of car will be accepted even if they’ve been built to a pre-2010 emission standard, and Ford have stated that all of what is handed over will definitely be scrapped.

It's hoped that this will have an immediate effect on air pollution levels in the UK which have unfortunately climbed quite significantly over the last few years. According to The Telegraph, for a brief while in January 2017 London's air pollution levels were actually worse than those in Beijing.

The UK government have taken a few steps to try and correct the problem like banning the sale of all diesel cars from 2040, but experts have warned that it’s not enough.

“We need to look to the future, to electric cars, hybrid cars, fuel cell cars. They are what we need to be looking towards,” said James Baggot, editor-in-chief of Car Dealer magazine. "I would like to see schemes like this incentivising customers to buy cleaner electric vehicles."

Source: BBC