Fuel prices drop for fourth month in a row

By Matt Maynard - Thu 5th Dec 2019
Fuel prices drop for fourth month in a row

Great news for motorists as the average price for petrol and diesel fell for the fourth month in a row, with November seeing a massive half penny reduction alone. 

The RAC Fuel Watch report for November showed the average cost of unleaded petrol in the UK dropped by 48p a litre, from 126.41 to 125.93. Diesel, on the other hand, dropped by 44p, seeing a reduction from 130.27 to 129.83. 

Since the beginning of August, the average price of petrol across the entire UK dropped by 3.31 a litre, while diesel fell 2.21, according to the RAC report. These falling figures mean drivers are paying several pounds less when filling their cars up than they were in the summer.

The report also found it's best to fill up at supermarket fuel stations. At the end of November Asda was selling the cheapest unleaded and diesel, with Tesco coming in a close second place.  

Despite this, the AA has singled out supermarkets for being able to charge less, and says it should be cheaper given lower wholesale costs. Some supermarkets were only passing on fuel savings through in-store purchasing, where some customers would have to spend over £60 to qualify for any discount. 

Simon Williams, RAC's fuel spokesperson, said the cost of unleaded and diesel should be 5p lower than it currently is.

"Looking at the wholesale price of both petrol and diesel, retailers of all sizes should be cutting at the pump. As it stands, unleaded should come down by 5p a litre and diesel by 4p." 

"We would like to think retailers are about to pass these savings on in the expensive run-up to Christmas."

Source: This is Money