Jaguar Land Rover trials self-parking cars

By Charlotte Whyatt - Mon 26th Mar 2018
Jaguar Land Rover trials self-parking cars

The British car manufacturer joined Ford and Tata Motors’ European Technical Centre (TMETC) at an event organised by the UK Autodrive Project.

They first demonstrated their self-driving technology by having their chosen connected car drive itself to the designated car park before manoeuvring itself into an empty bay.

Upon entering the car park, all of Jaguar’s connected vehicles automatically receive a heat map of the immediate area which is able to update itself in real-time by using advanced vehicle-to-vehicle communication system as to which spaces are empty and which are full.

"Valet parking systems will enable autonomous vehicles to drop passengers at convenient points, after which the vehicle will leave by itself to undertake a further journey, or park out-of-town,” explained Tim Armitage, the project director of UK Autodrive.

“As well as making parking less of a hassle for individuals, these new ways of parking and drop-off will allow cities to radically redefine their use of space in the future – with far less land potentially needed for parking spaces in city centres.”

Jaguar, Ford and the TMETC also carried out the first public road tests for two advanced connected vehicle safety features, the Emergency Vehicle Warning system and the Electronic Emergency Break Light feature.

These work to give a quicker alert if a connected vehicle up ahead has braked sharply and a quicker warning as to which direction a fast-travelling emergency vehicle is approaching from respectively.

The UK Autodrive project is set to carry out further tests this summer when it trials a fleet of low-speed self-driving vehicles around the same streets.

Source: The Drive