Learner drivers to receive motorway lessons

By Charlotte Whyatt - Thu 24th Aug 2017
Learner drivers to receive motorway lessons

Learner drivers throughout England, Scotland and Wales will be able to take motorway lessons for the very first time in 2018, the Department of Transportation has announced.

Although the UK’s motorways are actually some of it safest roads, the fact they run on a slightly different set of rules to normal roads, can be quite busy and require you to travel at speeds which are much higher than your used to often make them quite a daunting experience for new drivers.

These new lessons will be carried out by a legally approved driving instructor in a dual-controlled car much like they would be on a standard road.

It’s hoped that these new changes will allow learner drivers to develop a more practical understanding of the UK’s motorways and broaden their range of real-life experiences in order to help them become much more confident on the roads.

Currently, motorway lessons are only available to those who’ve actually passed their driving tests and even then, they’re not compulsory.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has stated that the introduction of motorway lessons will ensure that the current generation of adults about to set off as drivers are in the best possible place.

“The UK has some of safest roads in the world and we want to make them even safer,” he said. “Younger drivers are up to seven times more likely to be killed or seriously injured compared with drivers over 25 and lack of experience is an important factor.”

Source: RAC