London named most expensive region for car insurance

By Charlotte Whyatt - Mon 29th Apr 2019
London named most expensive region for car insurance

Greater London is the most expensive region in the UK for car insurance, new research from Compare the Market has revealed. 

A selection of premiums from across 2018 and the start of 2019 were studied which found that the average cost of a policy in the capital is £1,102, £336 more expensive than the national average.

Second was the North West of England, which includes major cities like Manchester and Liverpool, where consumers should expect to pay an average of £839.79 for car insurance. 

This is followed by the West Midlands where prices are slightly lower at £823.60 and Yorkshire and The Humber with £768.28.  

Such a large disparity in price is down to the fact that consumers who live in cities and large towns are judged to be a much higher risk 

The amount of vehicular accidents and the crime rate are much higher in these areas due to a bigger concentration of people.  

“While the cost of car insurance is obviously not a key consideration in choosing where to live, these figures are further evidence of the huge disparity in the cost of living for people in urban areas versus rural,” said Dan Huston, head of motor insurance at Compare the Market.

“People have flocked to high employment areas in recent history but doing so clearly comes at a cost.”

At the bottom of the table sits the South West of England where a car insurance policy costs an average of £557.39. 

Source: This is Money