Speed limiters to be fitted on all new cars from 2022

By Charlotte Whyatt - Fri 1st Mar 2019
Speed limiters to be fitted on all new cars from 2022

Speed limiters will be fitted in all new cars from 2022 following a ruling by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

This agreement was reached after a proposal from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) was presented which said that the software could reduce traffic collisions by 30%.

Intelligent speed assistance (ISA) uses GPS data and passing road signs to determine local speeds limits and can then keep a vehicle below that limit.

Motorists can currently override their ISA by pressing down hard on the accelerator but the ETSC would like to change that.

They recommend that if a driver remains over the speed limit for more than a few seconds, audio and visual warnings would be activated until they slowed down again.

A proper on/off switch should also be implemented to “aid public acceptance at introduction.”

The Vehicle Certification Agency which approves cars for use in the UK says these rules will apply here post-Brexit.

Included elsewhere in the ETSC’s proposal was the call for data loggers to be fitted into all cars and autonomous emergency braking systems to be kept mandatory.

“This is a landmark day for road safety. We now urge the final negotiations to take place as soon as possible, so we can make this step-change for road safety a reality,” said Josh Harris, director of campaigns at road safety charity Brake. 

Source: Independent