• 4 out of 5 vehicles repaired at roadside
  • Up to 5 callouts a year
  • Cover for misfuelling
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Breakdown Assist | Our Review

Breakdown Assist offers a wide range of vehicle breakdown products that can cover up to four people or vehicles within your household under one policy. Customers can choose between a number of different cover locations, from local to European, so you’re covered wherever you go.


Breakdown Assist has been operating since 2007 and offers both breakdown cover and insurance. The company attempts to make breakdown cover as simple as possible with its packages so you can easily know which one is right for you. Breakdown Assist strives to offer a fast and easy to use service no matter your personal situation.

Since its inception, Breakdown Assist has been a customer-focused breakdown cover provider, with its team members always on hand to provide friendly and reliable advice about what policy is the best for you.

The benefits of Breakdown Assist cover

Being a Breakdown Assist customer gives you access to a number of different perks when you’re driving. This includes roadside assistance, local recovery, caravan and trailer cover, message relay, misfuelling cover, overnight accommodation and alternative transport.

Breakdown Assist has an average callout time of under 47 minutes, with its operators able to fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside. Breakdown Assist's team is made up of over 350 operators with over 3,500 recovery vehicles.

Types of cover from Breakdown Assist

Breakdown Assist features coverage across 4 different levels, including local cover, national cover, full UK cover and European cover. Local Cover is the cheapest option that covers you if you’re over a mile away from your home whereas National Cover gives you coverage across the whole of the UK. Full UK Cover also includes Home Start Protection, meaning you can request help even if you're at home.

All 4 levels feature coverage for vehicle breakdowns, multi-vehicle breakdowns, personal breakdown cover, family breakdown cover and voluntary excess. With Breakdown Assist you'll also receive message relay, misfuelling cover, caravan and trailer cover and alternative transport.

How much is Breakdown Assist cover?

Breakdown Assist cover ranges from £12.68 for standard vehicle local cover to more if you’re looking for the full European coverage. Buying personal cover means you're covered for any vehicle you drive, so this is the more expensive option. Customers can choose between local, national and full UK cover for both of these options.

What we think

Breakdown Assist is an easy to use and friendly breakdown coverage provider. Customers can enjoy a range of offers that suit any kind of driving situation, from local coverage to full European.

*This content is independently written by Breakdown Cover Comparison. Breakdown Cover Comparison are not paid to write this content but receive commission for any sales they make from it.