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Emergency Assist | Our Review

Emergency Assist is a competitively priced, independent breakdown cover provider, operating a large fleet of recovery vehicles and handling all recoveries in-house.


Emergency Assist was founded in 2017, and whilst this makes them a relatively new breakdown cover provider, they boast plenty of experience and expertise.

This provider is genuinely independent, and this in turn allows for more flexibility and excellent value, ultimately bringing more benefit to Emergency Assist customers.  

The benefits of Emergency Assist

Emergency Assist’s mission is to “provide a quality, reliable and cost-effective breakdown service”. It’s all about combining a trustworthy service with prices that offer great value for money.

Aside from the experience that comes with Emergency Assist, customers can also benefit from excellent cover options, which provide plenty of choice.

A further benefit is the confidence that comes from using a highly rated provider on Trustpilot. Emergency Assist has hundreds of reviews on there and enjoys a positive score. It gives customers that little extra peace of mind, which can be the difference between choosing one provider or another,

Other benefits include discounts for multi-vehicle breakdown cover, and they’ll accept any age of vehicle under their policies. It’s nationwide cover throughout the UK, and it’s available on cars, vans and motorcycles.

Types of cover from Emergency Assist

There are three membership levels, beginning with the basic Saver Cover. This will offer roadside assistance as well as local recovery. With local recovery you can get a tow for up to 25 miles, should the recovery agent be unable to do a roadside repair.

Next up is the popular Premium Cover, and this boosts the policy so it includes national recovery, so the tow would be to a location or garage of your choice in the UK. You also get home start cover, which will provide breakdown assistance within ¼ mile of your home, and there are onward travel options, such as overnight accommodation costs.

Finally, you can take Complete Cover and you’ll get all the benefits of Premium, alongside European breakdown assistance. This Euro cover extends to any EU member state country, including Switzerland and Norway.

How much is Emergency Assist?

Emergency Assist focuses on keeping costs competitive. Whilst prices are liable to change, you can generally find the basic Saver Cover for around £20 for the year.

The Premium Cover offers a lot more, so is great value for money at around £35 for the year. If you’re looking at including European breakdown assistance through the Complete Cover then it’s around £75 for the year.

What we think

The eye-catching, ultra-low price of the basic cover would be hard to ignore for someone looking to just keep it simple and have roadside with local recovery. Premium cover, which adds in plenty of extras, is also offered at a really good price, and probably worth taking over the Saver Cover unless you really want to trim the costs.

Even though Emergency Assist won’t be as well known as the big names in breakdown cover, they offer great prices on simple, reliable cover, and the customer feedback on Trustpilot speaks volumes.