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Nova Direct | Our Review

The very easy-to-use Nova Direct boasts friendly, helpful customer service and a wide selection of low-cost breakdown policies that have been well-designed to offer comprehensive cover at all levels 


Since they first formed in 2012, Nova Direct have awarded their customers complete peace of mind by offering an affordable selection of fully comprehensive insurance policies that provide vital protection against home emergencies, lost or stolen gadgets, damaged appliances and of course, vehicle breakdowns. 

The benefits of Nova Direct cover

Nova Direct has used the significant amount of expertise they’ve gained since 2012 to ensure their claims process is kept as fast and straightforward as possible. If you do require assistance, their call centre is open 24/7, 365 days a year so there will always be a knowledgeable member of staff on hand to guide you through the issue. 

Customers also have the flexibility to decide if they’d like to purchase the XS versions of the Bronze, Silver or Gold package and have to pay an excess on any claim they make, which could potentially mean saving quite a bit on monthly payments. 

Types of cover from Nova Direct

7 different types of breakdown cover are available from Nova Direct starting with their great-value Basic cover that provides just the essentials, to the premium level Gold cover which offers everything you’d need in the event of a breakdown all across both the UK and Europe.

Local recovery and roadside assistance are included as standard with every policy but national recovery starts with Bronze XS cover. Silver XS cover and every level after it offer alternative travel, home assistance and overnight accomodation so you never have to worry about getting stuck anywhere. 

How much is Nova Direct cover

Nova Direct’s Basic cover is only £16.50 a month while Bronze, Silver and their two XS equivalents are each available for between £20 and £30. Their Gold and Gold XS policies are naturally a little more expensive, costing upwards of £50 a month. 

What we think

Nova Direct is an incredibly reliable provider of breakdown cover whose wide range of affordable policies offer brilliantly comprehensive protection at every level.